Greengrid Renewables

Greengrid Renewables is freely available in abundance and it is clean. Still, our daily use of Electrical Energy results in production of a lot of greenhouse gases. Moreover, in some parts of the world availability of Electrical Energy is either scarce or unreliable. We have therefore focused in harnessing the energy of SUN, the universal source of Renewable Energy for use in every sphere of life.

Solar power is earth's most available and abundant energy source which can be used to generate electricity. Green Grid uses state-of-the-art technology to offer high quality, innovative Greengrid Renewables solutions for individual customers, large institutions as well as entire communities.

We have a complete line of solar products and accessories at extremely competitive prices. Our high performance Photovoltaic (PV) and Solar Thermal Systems, equipped with live energy performance monitoring and reporting capabilities, help customers realize their energy savings while reducing their energy consumption.

As thermal energy, the main application is in Water Heating. Hot water from a solar water heater serves various purposes at home or commercial establishments, ranging from bathing, cooking, heating of floor / swimming pool and other general purpose heating. The efficiency of solar water heater as an equipment is also much higher than any electrical equipment for similar use. When electrical energy is converted to thermal form, there is substantial loss of energy in the process.

Electrical energy itself is generated many a times from thermal energy, in which case the wastage of energy takes a massive proportion leading to huge carbon emission. It is therefore prudent to maximize use of solar thermal energy for all heating purposes. On the other hand PV cells convert Greengrid Renewables into electrical energy which can be put to any normal use in our daily life. Although, efficiency of solar cells is not very high, it does not result into any carbon footprint or wastage of natural resources since Greengrid Renewables is available in abundance, in continuum and its conversion to electrical form is totally clean. With the advancement of solar power generation technology, it is rapidly becoming more economically viable. There are a number of effective uses of solar PV cells in standalone equipment like street lights, road studs, lanterns, flash lights and small home lighting systems and so on. In the last few years, there has been a quantum jump in the world in installing PV power plants of fairly large capacities. In India too, there has been a spurt in installation of grid connected PV power plants in the last couple of years. Simultaneously, there is also a rise in trend for installing off grid systems on rooftops and Building Integrated PV (BIPV) systems.

What is Net Metering?

Net metering is a billing mechanism that credits solar energy system owners for Battery backups in existing off grid systems tend to fail after about five years raising questions about the reliability of the system. But the introduction of net metering in 2008 has enhanced the interest among the public for renewable energy and the ease of utilizing solar photovoltaic. The public awareness about this particular technology is growing day by day so this is an ideal time to enter the market. The government policy to integrate electricity produced by means of renewable sources up to 10% of the total installed capacity has also resulted in a rapid development in this particular sector...

Benefites Of Greengrid Renewables

The benefits of installing residential and commercial rooftop solar generation panels cannot be underestimated. They are a great way to save energy and to reduce electricity bills. Rooftop solar is a significant step toward combatting climate change by contributing to the "green economy". Rooftop solar systems can be installed quickly, are efficient, have zero emissions and require minimal maintenance. Rooftop solar power operates silently and obviates costly transmission infrastructure. Home and commercial building owners benefit from rooftop solar panels as an affordable method to generate electricity. These systems are also known to enhance a property's value and can add to a buildings resale value. The sun is a constant source of clean and free energy. Rooftop solar work throughout the year in the sun, rain, wind and snow. In recent years, India's solar industry has grown rapidly and India has set ambitious renewable energy targets of 175 GW by 2022, including 100GW of solar power. Of this, 60 GW is to be utility-scale solar, and the rest to be rooftop solar. With significant progress on the 60 GW utility-scale solar target, getting to the 40 GW rooftop solar target is a challenge. While, the adoption of rooftop solar is primarily driven by expected savings in electricity costs; the need for an alternative source of electricity; and the desire to mitigate climate change risk, a number of hurdles remain that are keeping the industry from booming.

Salient Features of Greengrid Solar Technologies

  • One-time investment, no recurring costs
  • Reduces dependency on grid supply
  • 80% accelerated depreciation benefit provides huge saving on tax liability
  • No need to dig trenches and lay expensive cables - standalone systems
  • Ideal as an 'on-site' source of power
  • Low maintenance systems
  • Saves investment cost on UPS/Genset or any other alternative source of power
  • Green Technology products that use clean energy and ensure sustainability
Greengrid Renewables Packages

Greengrid Renewables Packages

Our professionals have the expertise to match each component of our large selection of Greengrid Renewables Packages to exactly determine your power system needs and provide a balanced, complete Solar system for your business or home. Greengrid Renewables Packages include off grid, grid-tie, dual purpose, and Hybrid (both Solar and Wind) systems.


Solar Thermal System

Our Solar Thermal System uses the latest Evacuated Glass Tube Technology for heating water, which is designed for all kinds of water, including hard water without any salt deposition inside. It is highly efficient and occupies much lesser space. It has an average life span of more than 15 years, with practically no maintenance. They are available in different sizes: 100/200/300/500 LPD and integration of multiples of 500 LPD, which make them suitable for any application such as Homes, Hotels, Hospitals, Hostels, Guest Houses, Process Industries etc.


Solar Power Accessories

We also offer a line of Solar Power accessories as additional components which help make installing, operating and maintaining your Solar System even quicker and easier. Our selection of Solar Power accessories includes solar tools and Safety Equipment, Accessories and Solar Inverters. The accessories include charge controllers, mounting adapter kits, battery monitoring kits, system monitoring tools, fuses, circuit breakers and other items.