Greengrid Eduskill Suryamitra

Greengrid Eduskill Suryamitra

Greengrid has been given the privilege to conduct the "Greengrid Eduskill Suryamitra Training Program” initiated by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE). Each training program consists of 30 participants and the total duration of the training will be 3 months (600 hours) including a one month internship in solar energy related industry. The training program will be strictly residential with a clear daily time table which includes early morning physical exercise such as Yoga/PT et

Essential Qualification:

The candidate should be 10+2 pass and not below 18 years Preferable: It is also preferred that trainee should have certificate of ITI or diploma in engineering branches Electrical/Mechanical/Electronics; experience in certified electrician is also preferred. During the selection of trainees, special emphasis will be given to the persons coming from rural background, unemployed, women, SC/ST candidates


For this 3 months workshop participants need not to pay anything, all infrastructure, accommodation & food related arrangement during the training period will be taken care by kSPL & MNRE (NISE). kSPL has started with the first batch of Greengrid Eduskill Suryamitra in Bhikangaon, MP

Study of work method & document for the followings

Quality: Introduction, quality Management systems requirement

Operation & Maintenance

Sr. Underpinning Knowledge (Theory) Practical Competencies
  • Electrical safety Electrical safety Rules, Simple First Aid , General safety of tools and equipment PPEs, Fire extinguishers, Type of fire extinguishers
  • Electricity Basics
  • Introduction to Conventional & Non-conventional source of Energy
  • Introduction to various electronics components,
    calculating and measuring their values.
  • Demonstration of energy sources.
  • Tools Introduction & type of tools:-
    • Safety tools.
    • Marketing tools,.
    • Measuring tools.
    • Testing tools.
    • Working tools,.
  • Fundamental of Earthing system.
  • PV module, Fundamental types of modules and its applications, PV components and configuration etc.
  • System components & inspection
  • Site selection, suitability & Planning
  • Basic understanding of protection system such as fuse, circuit breaker, relay etc.
  • Basic understanding of CT, PT, LA, Switchgear, isolator, ABT meter etc.

Study of solar photovoltaic cell & solar photovoltaic module, type and size

  • Solar Photovoltaic system
  • Types of solar photovoltaic system
  • Grid connected solar PV system
  • Grid connected with battery back-up solar PV
  • Off Grid connected solar PV system and
  • Standalone Solar PV
  • Handling and Storage of DC components
  • Safe handling practices

Reading of drawing and Specification for the followings

  • Civil Foundation or Ramming.
  • Structure erection and module Mounting.
  • Cabling from Module to Inverter Room.
  • Inverter and Transformer Installation and Connection.
  • Reading of Single Line Diagram(SLD).

Structure member, cable, cable laying , types of cable laying-:

  • Open area cable laying.
  • Underground cable laying:-
    • Direct laying
    • Laying in pipe
    • Solid method

Installation of Inverter, LT panel Transformer , types of Transformer

  • Power Transformer
  • Distribution Transformer
  • Auto Transformer
  • Instrumentation Transformer

PV module Series & parallel connection & testing

  • Basic knowledge about tools and tackles required for PV plant Installation
  • Performance analysis and troubleshooting monitoring of generation per string incoming & outgoing power at junction box & Inverter level.
  • Requirement & Uses of Tools & Tackles. Basic knowledge of Ammeter Voltmeter, clamp on-meter, tong tester, Irradiance sensor, temperature sensors.

Use of tools and tackles and safe application practices

  • Voltmeter
  • Amp meter
  • MultiMate
  • Tong tester

AC/DC side testing


Preparation of work statement & documents for the following

  • Foundation-P&M, Tools & Tackles.
  • Structure Erection- P&M, Tools & Tackles.
  • Module Mounting- Module sorting , tools & Tackles
  • Cable Trenching & Conduit Laying- P&M, Tools & Tackles
  • Cable Laying & Termination- Tools & Tackles, Pre Requisite
  • Cable tray & cable laying
  • SCADA & Control system
  • End termination of Power cable(LT/HT)
  • Junction box Installation-Basic knowledge
  • Inverter Erection –Tools & Tackles
  • Battery installation & maintenance
  • Installation of AC Equipment

Dismantle of Module mounting structure and fixing of the same.
Proper alignment and tightening. Fixing of module and its connection. Installation of balance equipment and End termination Power cable.

Types of cable Gland

  • Single compression cable Gland
  • Double compression Cable Gland.

Installation of Junction

String testing DC Side box

  • Inspection, Testing & commissioning.
  • Purpose for Inspection & testing.
  • Tools/Instrumentation required
  • Procedure and Work Method

Installation OF ELECTRICAL SUBSTATION Pole Erection, Types of pole Grid Fundamental AC & DC Working

  • AC Side Testing
  • DC Side Testing.

Cable tray , types of cable tray & cable Tray

Erection Battery , types of battery , Installation of Battery

Installation of HT & LT Control panels,

  • String Testing –Pre-checks
  • Short Circuit Test-Work Method.
  • Inverter Testing-Work Method
  • Check list preparation
  • Pre-requirement of installation of sub-station equipment
  • Basics and erection of transformers, pole erection and stringing

Fundamental of earthing system, types of earthing, Installation of earthing&earthing testing


Site selection, sustainability & planning, Fundamental of site survey direction shadow effect.

Fundamental of earthing system, types of earthing, Installation of earthing&earthing testing

  • Introduction and over view of PV system
  • Equipment’s under AC side & DC side and regular maintenance
  • General Safety Guidelines for O&M
  • Soft & Entrepreneurship skills
  • Solar PV module cleaning & testing
  • Inverter testing,
  • Battery testing,
  • Cell voltage testing
  • HT & LT Panel testing,
  • Earthing testing,
  • Cable testing
  • Transformer condition monitoring.