Greengrid Eduskill Solarinstall-Hands-On Solar Rooftop PV Plant Installation Training

The course majorly focuses on hands-on training for component installation, commissioning of 1 kWp Off-Grid and On-Grid Solar PV Power Plant. It will also focus on Operations and Maintenance practices pertaining to solar PV systems. The participants will also be given training on marketing & entrepreneurship skill so that they will become the campaigners of solar energy. Total duration of the training will be 7 days.

Participants Selection:

Engineers, Electricians, Technicians and other solar aspirants

Plant Visit:

There will a PV system plant visit for the students included in the module


Certificates will be issued by GreengridkWatt Solutions, Society for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, IIT-Bombay to the Students/faculties who would attend and successfully complete the training program

Job Opportunities:

Government has set a target of 100GW Greengrid Eduskill solar installation by the year 2022 which will create job opportunities for more than 1.6 million skilled technicians in solar installation

Sr. Underpinning Knowledge (Theory) Practical Competencies Duration(Days)
  • Electricity Basics
  • Introduction to Conventional &
    Nonconventional source of Energy
  • Basics of Solar energy

Introduction of Institute, Display Room
Visit, solar training yard visit,

  • Demonstration of PV components:-
  • Tools Introduction & type of tools:-
  • Study of solar photovoltaic cell & solar
    photovoltaic module, type and size
  • PV module, Fundamental types of modules
    and its applications, PV components and configuration etc.
  • Series and Parallel connections of battery and Modules
  • Reading and observations of PV power
  • Module and Inverter datasheet reading

Preparation of work statement & layout
documents for the following:-

  • Foundation-P&M, Tools & Tackles
  • Structure Erection-Module Mounting- Module sorting,
    tools & Tackles,Cable Trenching & Conduit Laying- P&M, Tools & Tackles, Junction box Installation

Understanding the parameters of site survey

  • Site observation
  • Observing Installation of Inverter, LT panel, PV module Series & parallel connection & testing
  • Earthing pit design
  • Earthing pit location/sizing
  • Layout observation, Inverter Erection

Reading of drawing and Specification for the followings:-

  • Civil Foundation or Ramming
  • Structure erection.
  • Civil Foundations
  • Module mounting structure and fixing of the same.
(Off Grid/Stand Alone System installation)
  • Reading of Single Line Diagram(SLD)Basic knowledge about tools and tackles required for PV plant Installation
  • Performance analysis and troubleshooting monitoring of generation per string incoming & outgoing power at junction box & Inverter level.
  • Module mounting (1kWp)
  • Inverter Installation and Connection.
  • Module mounting (1kWp)
  • Installation of Junction,String testing DC Side box
  • Cable tray , types of cable tray & cable Tray
  • Erection Battery , types of battery , Installation of Battery
(Off Grid/Stand Alone System installation)
  • Plant commissioning procedure
  • Understanding Testing tools
  • Understanding plant interconnections
  • Inspection, Testing & commissioning of PV plant
  • Dismantle of Module mounting structure.
(On Grid System installation of 3kWp)
  • Understanding the concept of power evacuation
  • Understanding the concept of grid synchronization
  • Grid Fundamental AC & DC
  • Module mounting (3kWp)
  • Inverter Installation and Connection.
  • Inspection, Testing & commissioning of PV plant
(On Grid System installation of 3kWp)